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LAX Airport Los Angeles, CA

Cheap Tickets Los Angeles

by Curtis on August 2, 2010 1 Comment

The cheap airline tickets in last minute from Los Angeles will be cheapest on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. You have to avoid Monday that are favorite for business travelers and weekends for vacationers.

Another money-saving tip is to book flights that go through main cities than smaller cities. There are a large number of flights of different airlines in main cities and competition among airlines will bring lower airline fares. You can also save money by choosing nonstop flight.

Another tip for saving-money is to try to buy at last minute. Most of the airlines must sell tickets to cover flight cost. So the flight must run. As the flight dates gets closer, airline will attract passengers by lowering price of tickets. They know that they cannot get full price so they lowers them until takeoff. The closer the flight date the cheaper will be the ticket. The last minute ...

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by Curtis on July 29, 2010 0 Comments

That’s right, I just finished a fantastic meal while waiting for my connection flight. I am in Houston Bush intercontinental airport at the Pappadeux Cajun seafood restaurant. I generally eat a lot of fast food, but tonight I needed something better, something much better, hmm where to find such culinary delights in an airport at 10pm on a Tuesday. Being from New York, Cajun food is not something I grew up with so when I stumbled upon this establishment in Houston, I was truly excited.  I sat at the bar and ordered a bloody mary and some lobster bisque. Both were outstanding. The drink was rich and big, and the bisque was fresh and hot. Next I moved on to some crawfish etouffee, by recommendation of the waitress. When the entrée arrived it was quite large are very, very good. The crawfish are like little pieces of lobster claws ...

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by Curtis on July 29, 2010 0 Comments

When many people think of the words “Dangerous” and “Airports” they think about mid-air plane crashes, but in reality most fatal accidents occur on the ground. According to a recent Forbes study, 450 airports were reviewed for safety, and found that the highest number of deaths occurred at heavily congested airports. Every year an average of four hundred people lose their lives to accidents that occur when directions are not correctly followed and precautions are not taken.

Topping the list of the U.S most dangerous airports is Northtown, Las Vegas, which had sixty-three runway incursions since 2001, which resulted in six fatalities. Next on the list is Long Beach/Dougherty Field, which was the scene of seventy-eight incidents, but luckily no fatalities. In both airports the main causes were attributed to congestion and high flight volumes. Both of the airports mentioned serve as primarily reliever ports for Los Angeles ...

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Travel to Cancun is safe?

by Curtis on July 22, 2010 0 Comments


A good friend called me on the phone this morning to ask my opinion about Cancun as a good summer vacation destination for those of us on a budget. In prior years everyone knew me as Mr.Mexico, I just loved to go to Mexico. From the food to the shopping to the sightseeing it’s a real bonanza of fun.  To be perfectly clear, when I’m looking for cheap international airfares and a good time without limitation, I think Mexico, specifically Cancun.  Now, recently the conversation has changed from price to safety. Everyone seems pretty nervous about travels to Mexico due to the “Reported” violence between the police and the drug cartels.  Is there violence in Mexico? Sure.  Are things any worse than Detroit, or North Philly, or The Bronx etc…not really. From what I’m hearing, everything is business as usual down in Cancun Mexico, however ...

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